Spotify Anthem

During Inspired Workshop at SCAD with two mentor, Daniel Oeffinger and Matt Smithson.

I had a chance to collaborate with amazing designer/friend Daniel Uribe and Yumi Redifer.



The question “Who is Spotify”? This is a concept that introduces the brand to people across the globe and also points out its new sharing features. Spotify is a streaming music service that allows everyone to immerse themselves in exploration, share playlists, and create their own music stations. Therefore, we decided to elevate the “exploration” idea and how users tend to spend hours in deep search of diverse music stations and genres. A subway “station” will act as a gateway to explore different magical worlds or places such as jungles, a party in space, mountains etc... The main character will be an ordinary guy who is waiting for a subway while listening to Spotify on his phone and exploring music stations and songs. To accentuate the sharing aspect of Spotify, we will show people inside of these worlds inviting the main character to come and join their marvelous world (music playlist). 


The Narrative Concept for a 60 second spot:

The 60 second spot begins with an ordinary guy waiting at an underground subway station about to browse music stations. Waiting in a subway station that reference to music stations. We cut to a close up of his hand holding the phone and show a swiping movement with his finger going to the right which provokes the subway to arrive in the same type of motion. The guy chooses a song and therefore a subway door opens to a magical world full of clouds and soft colored shapes because he chose a classical song. The character nods and decides to keep on exploring songs. He swipes again and chooses another song. This time the doors open and reveals a space party where astronauts are already having a party. The astronauts floating in gravity grab themselves to the open doors and start to invite the character to join

their party. He decides to explore this world (song) and jumps into it and while doing so an astronaut suit starts to form around him. The astronauts highfive him and start to dance with him to the music of that world. Then we cut again to a close up of him using his phone again and exploring music only this time he is using his astronauts gloves. He chooses “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns and Roses and a subway door apears in front of him and opens to a vast jungle world. He grabs a rope that is coming out of the door like Indiana Jones and comes into this jungle world. The camera pulls in and reveals the Spotify logo in the epic jungle world. 


An the Style and Feel Aproach:

The style approach will consist of a combination of illustration and 3D where the main goal is to accentuate these magical worlds. The character world and the subway station will have a mundane feel to it where everything is desaturated. This will help to promote the colorful worlds and playful shapes that come out of the doors. The character and worlds would have anexaggerated feel and the subway station and wagon will be more realistical although still illustrative. To accentuate movement and music graphicly we will use shapes, lines, and colors that reference sounds and remind us of works such
as Kandinskys’s. The camera and transitions will have a really dynamic and exaggerated feel to it, to emphasize music and the travelling subway, to help this fisheye lenses would be use in certain moments. 



Daniel Uribe

Jigyu Yoon


Daniel Uribe, Jigyu Yoon, Yumi Redifer